Guna Yala / Panama

Honeycomb was honored to be invited by the incredible folks at La Wayaka to participate in one of the most unique residencies in existence.  We were asked to curate a team of socially conscious artists to travel to a remote island in the  archipelago of Guna Yala to spend several weeks on a small deserted island. Within this pristine paradise, the invitees : Luz Peuscovich, Trystan Bates, Santiago Carrera, and Cern collaborated with an extraordinary group of artists and spent their days interacting and creating with the local Guna tribe. The experience was magical and had a profound impact on those who took part leaving them with a new perspective and understanding of the environment and the utmost importance of balance between humans and the planet on which we live.

The research that was conducted and the material that was collected will be transformed into a formal exhibition in the near future in the hopes of raising awareness on environmental conservation and interest in the serious environmental issues that are threatening the home of the Guna people.


More information on la Wayakas brilliant residency cycle can be found here : La Wayaka Current


To see more of the artists personal work:


Luz Peuscovich

Trystan Bates

Santiago Carrera