Our pick of the month

Lucas Lasnier also known as PARBO is one of the rare talents that can weave in and out of different creative roles. As a Fine Artist, a Street Artist, an Illustrator and a Designer he consistently produces extraordinary work that is always growing and evolving.  PARBO has been exhibited extensively  within Argentina as well as abroad and has been creating public murals  for years that can be easily spotted in numerous cities. He is widely regarded as one of the Buenos Aires' prominent Street Artists. His pieces elegantly merge the surreal, metaphysical and the organic creating a narrative that transports viewers into a world where the beautiful merges with the macabre, where strong imagery is visually fragile and where symbolism reigns supreme.  His compositions are fluid and flow freely appearing as if they are  transforming and creating before your eyes. PARBO is one of our favorite creators and we are pleased to have him as one of our Gallerys' core artists.









Where are you from ?


Parbo : I was born in Mar De Plata, but have been living in Buenos Aires for the past six years.


Why do you create art? 


Parbo : From the time I was young, I liked to draw and paint. The sensation of being able to create or say something with paper is fascinating to me

I feel that art is a form of communication. I see it as a way to represent the physical world visually. As a child, It was the same, I would draw, observe, and try to copy what was around, with time, and increased interaction with culture, I began to develop a visual language and style. in which I felt I could represent myself fully.


Why did you decide to become and artist ?


Parbo : I wanted to communicate with the world that was different than the standard ways in which people normally communicate with each other.


If you were not an artist what would you do instead?


Parbo : I would be a graphic designer 100 %


Where do you find inspiration ?


Parbo : Music and cinema are the things that i enjoy the most and that inspire me a lot. I feel they open my mind and allow me to explore new languages and ideas that eventually find their way into my work. 


What are the principal themes found in your work ?


Parbo : At the moment different states of being, perception and isolation. 


What or who are your artistic influences ?


Parbo : When I was younger Baroque and Renaissance art had an impact on me. It was what I had on hand to look at constantly. During my adolescence my interests began to shift more towards music and related subcultures such as skateboarding.  I started to devour comics & Pop Art and was attracted to a lot of the visual culture in the United States. As an adult I was drawn to Urban art and introduced to painting murals on the street while also becoming attracted to American Surrealism and New Contemporary Art.


Why do you think that art is important ? 


Parbo : Because it has the power to connect people and has done so since before the internet.


What music do you listen to while making your art ?


Parbo : At the moment I like to paint in silence. When I paint on the street I typically don't listen to music or use headphones. This has filtered into my studio practice as well so I am more often working without sound in my studio. In general if I listen to music it is to unblock my mind and begin the process of breaking the stark whiteness of a blank piece of paper or canvas. When I do listen to music I tend to lean towards rock. AC/DC, The Ramones, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, Megadeath, Alice in Chains, Faith No More...


If you could only produce one more piece of art in your lifetime and there were no restictions with budget, or scale, what would you make?


Parbo : A self portrait


If you could collaborate with anybody living or dead to make something who

would it be ?


Parbo :  I would work with Alejandro Jodorowsky.


What is the most memorable image that you have ever seen?


Parbo : "Space Jam" by Eric Yahnker


What are you currently working on ?


Parbo : Im currently working on several murals in Buenos Aires during August and September which will take me out of my studio space and on to the street for an extended amount of time. 


What are the five things you could not live without ?


Parbo : Painting, the internet, music, my friends and my family


What would you like to see yourself doing in 25 years?


Parbo : Travelling and painting with my wife and children


What advice would you give to artists of the future ?


Parbo : That the journey to becoming an artist is long and it is one that lasts your entire life. A good attitude and knowing yourself is key.