Trystan Bates is an artist, Gallerist, and Curator. He has worked extensively as an illustrator, art director and producer in New York and Buenos Aires and has exhibited internationally in venues ranging from Museums to galleries with numerous solo and group shows. He has collaborated with companies such as Faberge and Coca-Cola on everything from public art commissions to video mapping and has had his work presented for sale through esteemed outlets including Sotheby's ,Art Basel, Paddle 8, Art Asia, and Pulse. Bates art is heavily focused on the examination of human interaction and collaboration is a key component of much of what he does . He can very often be seen  inviting local artists to contribute to his solo exhibitions in order to spark  a creative dialogue between creators and the public. His current ongoing series of exhibitions "The Story of this Place"  is based on the history of the world and the stories of the places we call home .  In  2008 Trystan founded Honeycomb with the goal of uniting artists from different countires and has functioned as its director since  producing  over twenty exhibitions and projects in Latin America, the U.S. and Europe.. He currently lives and works in Buenos Aires.