Honeycomb Gallery / Buenos Aires


The debate regarding human evolution is one of great importance and has for centuries been fuel for thought . The question of where we come from has  left intellectuals and philosophers with endless material for countless hypothesis, has inspired creatives to produce masterworks,  and has generated complex religions and belief systems . Evolution has caused society to either praise theorists as geniuses or discard them as madmen. It has ignited the huge divide between the scientific and spiritual community and remains a main factor as to why the two schools of thought largely operate independently of each other. Although there is much material available to reference, the true story about how we came into being whether it be scientific or spiritual still greatly remains a mystery. 


Honeycomb is approaching the theme of evolution with our eye on the future instead of the past. Participating artists have been asked not to think not of where we come form but instead to ponder where we are going and create original work based on what the world , and humanity will be like a 1000 years from now. The evolutionary theory of "Survival of the fittest" is also addressed through a series of  diptychs showcasing the dynamic relationship between predators and prey. Along with his exhibition honeycomb has also invited modesta to participate with a phantasmal installation and crossover collection that elegantly transforms discarded material into art and product. The final pieces are the physical evolution of one material into another and a reminder of the importance and need for conservation and sustainability. 



Participating Artists :



Maria Bedoian / Monica Canilao / French Napp / Carlos Bongiovanni / Cern / Lucila Dominguez / Patrick Hartl / Pablo Harymbat / Hydeon / Gola / Lucas Lasnier - Parbo / Alice Mizrachi / Hernan Paganini / Trystan Bates / Moneyless / Motomichi Nakamura