About Us

What is Honeycomb?

Honeycomb is an international group of creators, curators and artists founded in New York in 2008.


Since that time we have worked at producing fresh artistic collaborations , and have strived to create opportunities for a celebrated group of Contemporary Artists from different regions to interact with each other through the production of positive imagery. 


After several years at our Gallery Space , and many successful exhibitions, residencies, crossover projects, special editions and events presented within Latin / Central America, The United States and Europe, we have decided to step away from the commercial aspect of Contemporary Art and focus all of our energy and future efforts on the implementation of an socially responsible Artist Residency program. The program will function in collaboration with esteemed Environmental Organizations, Conservationists & Scientists actively working in the field as well as socially minded organizations and selected AIR partners.


This program will raise public awareness and interest in urgent Environmental issues, promote cross cultural exchange, preserve the identity of cultures / communities at risk and harness the power of Contemporary Art to communicate while generating positive social change. 


The exciting residency cycle that will operate under the title of "the Greenkey Initiative" will launch in late 2017 annually inviting teams of Contemporary Artists from different countries to create together in the most precious natural environments for the greater good of us all.  


The future is bright.